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My name is Anderson Martins, I have bachelor degree in Computer Science, and I work as a Software Engineer since 2010, and with websites since 2000.

My specialities are .Net, C#, Sql Server, MVC, Web API, Javascript and Entity Framework.

I have experience in companies that are leaders in their sectors such as IBM, Sanofi, Itaú Bank, United Health, Acesso Card, CTeleport and Sage in specific projects mainly as a consultant in their project basis.

I've been working as Fullstack Developer with microservices in the last companies, some as a remote freelancer, with the following stack: .Net Core 2.0, React, Redux, Docker, Mongo, My Sql, Sql Server, Dapper, Entity FrameWork Core, Aws Secrets, Azure Functions, Azure Web App, Azure Service Bus, Azure Dev Ops, Scrum, RabbitMQ, SOLID, DDD and xUnit.

I love to create high scalable systems with the best pratices and see the client pleased with the final result.

Work Experience

BackEnd Developer - Vivo (Apr 2019 – current)

Location: São Paulo Area, Brazil

Development of new financial micro-services for Cloud Service Broker integration with Jamcracker technology.

.Net Core 2.0, Azure DevOps, Web Api, Docker, RabbitMq, Masstransit, Hangfire, PostgreSql, Clean Architeture DDD, Moq, Xunit, and Agile (Scrum).

Fullstack Developer - Sage (Dec 2018 – Mar 2019)

Location: Americana SP, Brazil

Working as a freelancer developer remotely with micro-services, and front-end for a Financial management system.

.Net Core 2.0, React, Redux, Linux environment, VS Code, Docker, Code Ship, MySql, AWS, Scrum, SQS, SOLID, DDD, Xunit

Fullstack Developer - C Teleport (Sept 2018 - Nov 2019)

Location: Rotterdam Area, Netherlands

Worked as a freelancer developer remotely in ten different projects, being responsible to create three new micro-services, and 6 new features for the front-end.

.Net Core 2.0, Web Api Docker, Team City, Git Lab, AWS, Nancy, Autofac, Mongo, Dapper, RabbitMQ, React, Typescript, Moq, Xunit and Scrum.

Fullstack Developer - Acesso Soluções de Pagamentos (Mar 2018 - Sept 2018)

Location: São Paulo Area, Brazil

Created financial micro-services implementing new banking transfers, payment types, and front-end features.

.Net Core 2.0, Web API, React, Docker, Circle Ci, CI/CD, EF Core, Azure, Scrum, RabbitMQ, SOLID, DDD, Xunit.

Mobile / Web Developer - UnitedHealth Group (Apr 2017 – Feb 2018)

Location: São Paulo Area, Brazil

Developed mobile health apps, medical records unification system, health professionals registration system, and secured projects.

C#, VS 2017, ASP.NET, MVC 5, WCF, Web API 2, Swagger, SOA, JQuery, JavaScript, Entity Framework, Lambda Expressions, Entity Framework, Scrum, SOLID, Xunit, MSTests, Oracle 11, SVN, HP Fortify, Angular and IONIC.

Web Developer - Unimed (Sep 2016 – Apr 2017)

Location: São Paulo Area, Brazil

Working as a developer dealing with versatile sprints in 5 different medical projects.

C#, VS 2015 ASP.NET web-forms, MVC 5, JQuery, JavaScript, LINQ, Entity Framework, Stored Procedures, SQL Server 2012, DI, Scrum, TFS.

Web Developer - Grieg Group (Sep 2014 – Sep 2016)

Location: Santos, Brazil

Responsible for new company`s website creation and launc, such as new front-end, and Intranet environment with new features. Also in charge of flow administration and new implementations for an electronic document management system.

Web Developer - Itaú Unibanco (Oct 2013 – Sep 2014)

Location: São Paulo Area, Brazil

Full ownership for architecture design, gathering requirements, documentation, specification, and mostly coding the new claims management system resulting in over 250 users in 3 departments of the bank.

Web Developer - Sanofi (Nov 2011 – Oct 2013)

Location: São Paulo Area, Brazil

Developed systems using BPM - Business process modeling in more than 20 solutions with deep rewrite of the main BPM tool.

C#, VS 2010 FW4.0, N-Tier, MVP, Jquery, JS, WS, LINQ to SQL, LINQ, Fiddler, SQL Server 2008 and, Ultimus BPM 8.

Web Developer - IBM (Apr 2010 – Nov 2011)

Location: São Paulo Area, Brazil

Developed new features for Allied Holding's car repair software, and supporting it across USA and Canada remotely. Also resposible for Itaú Bank call center front end.

C#, VS 2010 FW4.0, ASP.NET, MVC, N-Tier, WCF, WS, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, SQL 2008 and, IBM BPM Websphere.

IT Analyst / Web Master - Grieg Group (Jan 2005 - Apr 2010)

Location: Santos, Brazil

Administrated Linux, Windows, and Freebsd servers such as firewall, data center, WEB, and e-mail. Also responsible for company's website.

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